Dedicated to Milky Way photography. Enjoy exploring the night sky and capturing its stunning beauty through the lens. And grab yourself an image for your phone wallpaper!

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Visit_Dorset -Kevin G Ferrioli-Winspit Quarry Milky Way

Visit_Dorset -Kevin G Ferrioli-Hartland Moor Neowise 2020 Comet

Kevin Ferrioli-St Aldhelm_s Chapel

Kevin Ferrioli-Mudeford Beachuts-4

Kevin Ferrioli-Hartland Moor Milky Way-2

Kevin Ferrioli-Chapman_s Pool Sea Mine

Visit_Dorset -Kevin G Ferrioli-Badbury Rings Poppy Field Milky Way-2

Visit_Dorset -Kevin Ferrioli-Portland Bill Lighthouse Milky Way

Kevin Ferrioli-Man O War Milky Way-3

Kevin Ferrioli-Durlston Country Park Milky Way

Visit_Dorset -Kevin Ferrioli-Winspit Ruins and Caves

Visit_Dorset -Kevin Ferrioli-Stair Hole Milky Way

Visit_Dorset -Kevin G Ferrioli-Winspit Milky Caves Milky Way

Kevin Ferrioli-Kimmeridge Waterfall Milky Way